Blogging from the deep forest artland… Skovsnogen…

Billede fra Skovsnogen. Bølgebænk.

Did you know that there is a forest filled with spectacular contemporary art in Herning?

A place where it’s ok to play or sit on the artworks?

A place where you can be – almost – all alone … or join your friends?

Read here why Thit likes Skovsnogen – Deep Forest Artland so much…

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Thit Vedel Taaning
Written by Thit Vedel Taaning
Photo: Thit Vedel Taaning

Skovsnogen – Deep Forest Artland is a unique experience, and it breaks one’s expectations on several levels – if you haven’t been there, it can be difficult to understand the concept. Walking around in the forest that makes Skovsnogen is a dynamic experience. Every time I venture into the forest, something will have changed since the last time. It is an exhibition space in the middle of a forest, and nature is never still. The seasons change, and sometimes you will stand in mud to your knees, while other times you will watch the snow fall or the sun shine. Nature is ever changing. After a storm, for example, some of the well-tread paths will be block by fallen trees, and you will have to explore another route. What makes Skovsnogen unique is the fact that you have placed artworks inside of this forest, and that the artworks thereby become a part of this dynamic cycle. Nature affect the works, and it is fascinating to watch, how some of the older pieces have merged with nature and are now in the process of being covered with moss or insects. Furthermore, Skovsnogen itself is constantly changing with the addition of new works or works still in development. Even though I walk in this forest several times a week, there always seems to be something new happening, either in the shape of the art, nature or a combination of both.


Skovsnogen, værkbillede
Skovsnogen, væltet træ

I have always been a fan of art, but at times, it has also been somewhat intimidating. You will always have some expectations and ideas of the setting when you visit an art gallery or venture into a forest. Skovsnogen – Deep Forest Artland breaks with the traditional conception of Art, and therefore you don’t necessarily put up the same limitations on yourself when encountering art. You will experience the art in a completely new way, and I find this different approach to the meeting between art and audience to be incredibly cool. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in or and if you’ve never even set foot inside an art gallery, you will get something out of a visit to Skovsnogen. It is an experience, everyone can participate in, and out of which everyone will gain something.

Skovsnogen, Station LYR af Elle Klarskov Jørgensen
Skovsnogen, Bølgebænk af Lars Worm

When people ask me, what it is exactly that happens out there in that forest in Døvling, I always have a hard time finding a proper answer. It is a forest. It is an art gallery beneath the open sky. None of my suggestions of an answer seems satisfactory. I usually answer that people should come by for a visit and experience for themselves, because it simply isn’t something I can properly describe with words.

Skovsnogen – Deep Forest Artland is always open and you are always wellcome!

The address is: across the road from Døvlingvej 2, Skarrild, 6933 Kibæk (follow the signs from Sdr. Ommevej)

Visit the homepage of VisitHerning for information in English.

Visit Skovsnogen’s homepage: (in Danish)

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